Sakura Marker: Yellow

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Sakura Marker: Yellow


Sakura solidified paint markers will mark on just about anything, and they're resistant to just about any natural weather conditions that you'll encounter. They dry permanently within 5 - 7 minutes of use. They're easy to handle, easy to carry, and they write at any angle, even upside down.

Industrial, architectural and business uses:
  • Checking and marking on iron, steel, wood, vinyl, glass, rubber, leather and paper.
  • Checking and marking on architectural and industrial materials.
  • Marking and writing name on outdoor furnishings.
  • Retouching scrapes and worn portions or where paint has flaked off (Cars, galvanized sheet iron, housing materials, sashes, board gates, fences, etc.).
  • Marking holes to be drilled for bolts.
  • Writing on tires and wheels, etc.
Household uses:

Suitable for writing on name plates, hard hats, sporting goods, flowerpots, beach balls, tire tubes, toys, endless variety of household applications!

Ideal for writing names on almost anything!

Umbrellas, rubber boots, briefcases, slippers, trash cans, bicycles, parcels...Handy for personalizing almost any item!


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