Super Sampler Pack™ (18 unique caps)

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Super Sampler Pack™ (18 unique caps)


From those crazy cats that brought you the Sampler Pack™ comes the Super Sampler Pack™ containing 18 unique caps. You wanted more and we answered the call. The sheer variety available in this pack will allow you to explore the gamut of caps available. The Super Sampler Pack™ includes one of each of the following caps:
  • Rustos
  • New York Fatties
  • Pink Dots
  • Orange Dots
  • Gray Dots
  • New York Outlines
  • Golden Destroyer
  • Universal Outline
  • 24 Karat
  • Red Calligraphy
  • Gold Dot Super Skinny
  • Black Dot
  • Skinny Banana
  • Gold Dot Outline Special
  • German Outline
  • Silver Fat
  • Blue Dot
  • Molotow Super Skinny

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