Ridiculous Sampler™ (28 unique caps)

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Ridiculous Sampler™ (28 unique caps)


GrafCaps brought you the original Ridiculous Sampler™ of 30 caps. Now it's back and better than ever. This is quite simply the single largest sampler pack ever seen by mankind. Nobody else can come close to touching it. Order now and be the envy of your crew. It includes one of each of the following caps:
  • Rustos
  • New York Fatties
  • Pink Dots
  • Orange Dots
  • Gray Dots
  • New York Outlines
  • Skinny Pro Black
  • Universal Outline
  • 24 Karat
  • Black Dot
  • Silver Fat
  • Skinny Banana
  • German Outline
  • Black Calligraphy
  • Skinny Pro Blue Dot
  • Molotow Super Skinny
  • Gold Dot Super Skinny
  • Gold Dot Outline Special
  • Red Micro
  • Black Pink Dot
  • Beige Skinny
  • Red Calligraphy
  • Astro Fat
  • Red Needle
  • Blue Dot
  • Golden Destroyer
  • Female Fat
  • Female Skinny

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